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Is your child struggling in school? Looking for a tutor, educational therapy or advocacy workshops?

Academic Skill Testing

Academic Skill TestingLocated in Bakersfield California, Stockdale Learning Center has helped thousands of children achieve academic success. The first step is to determine the difficulties your child struggles with through diagnostic and achievement testing. This will establish if these difficulties are due to overall low ability, physical factors such as poor hearing, sight or speech, repeated absence from school or an unrecognized specific learning disability.

One-on-One Individualized Help

One On One Individual TutoringWe provide intervention services in which your child comes to the therapeutic clinic two to four times a week. Based on several factors including medical and educational history, achievement testing and screening surveys, therapeutic plans are personally implemented to help the child progress academically.

Consultation and Workshops

At Stockdale Learning Center in Kern County, California, we offer advocacy services in which a therapist serves as a liaison between the family and school or the client and workplace.

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